The Power of One

News for Catholics: Editorial or a Post

By Steve Brown


This has to be the story of the day, week, and probably many days till November.

I heard someone comment the other day, that we are living in the era of “the power of one.” Now think about that. Here we have a person living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London controlling the actions of the DNC (who fired their leader), Hillary and her campaign, and President Obama (who both issued statements of praise for Debbie Wasserman Schultz).

Hillary’s minions have now stated that the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!

They, so they say. are the ones behind this dastardly deed of releasing private emails that help that scoundrel Trump!

Oooooo, did Trump pay the Russians, or did they do it just for chuckles! But, surely the DNC is smarter than that, so this must be a well orchestrated misdirection. What does Hillary have to hide, other than we all know (the list being longer than my endurance) by throwing Debbie under the bus? Ahhhh, Hillary paid the Russians!

Well, the Russians could have paid Assange. Follow the money!

Julian Assange stated, well, you can read it for yourself.  What, where, who, how, and when?

What do you think?