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The other day Pope Francis spoke out again taking photos at Mass or other liturgical moments.

Greg DiPippo at NLM has a good piece about this HERE.

He makes the distinction between this…

And this…

I would add any of myriad photos of beautiful sacred liturgical moments, Masses and more.

Two observations.

First, if Pope Francis doesn’t want all the photos during Masses etc., he might set an example by avoiding doing things like this, which surely fuel the photo flashing frenzy in his presence and elsewhere.

But we know that, selfies or not, nothing is going to turn this around.  Mobile phones are now the thing.

Next, we live in a time when beautiful sacred liturgy has been nearly forgotten or has, frankly, never been experienced by many.   Photos give people who have never known or nearly forgotten what the Church can offer to God as sacred liturgical worship are invaluable to instruct and, hopefully, inspire.

Provided that the photo takers are discreet, so as to not disturb others, I see no problem with taking the occasional pic.  However, then The Precious™ should be stowed and focus should be wholly in the sacred action.

As Greg put it over at NLM:

We do not live in a normal age in the Church’s life, and one of the things that makes it abnormal is the very widespread phenomenon of badly done and ugly liturgies; their ugliness is often far more distracting than any photographer, however poorly behaved. Photography is an extremely useful tool, I would say even a necessary one, for presenting people with models of liturgies which are well-done and beautiful. As long as they are taken with discretion, in a way that does not intrude upon the congregation’s ability to pray, I see no reason why we should have a problem with photographs taken during the liturgy. NLM will continue to publish such images, and we encourage others to do so. Photographs that have a documentary, historical, instructional or apologetic purpose, and serve as part of the Church’s evangelical outreach are one thing; photographs taken in function of the addictive selfie culture and digital tourism are another matter entirely.

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Modernists offered mercy, faithful Catholics face excommunication | Gloria.TV

Church of Mercy Excommunicates Its Critics

Modernist Archbishop Corrado Lorefice of Palermo, Italy, has threatened Father Alessandro Minutella with excommunication if he does not make a personalized public act of fidelity to Pope Francis, although Father Minutella had already professed all the truth of the Catholic Faith including loyalty of will and intellect to the Roman Pontiff.

In a video published on November 9 Minutella replies, “Does this mean that the Roman Pontiff is not the same as Pope Francis?” He adds, “This looks like a regime, not like the Catholic Church.” In March 2017 Minutella was removed from his parish because of his strenuous defense of the Catholic Faith and for criticizing Amoris Laetitia.

Marco Tosatti comments on his blog: “Father Minutella is certainly not the priest who has criticized Church decisions with a harsh tone. But others [who were Modernists] were treated with patience and tolerance. I wonder why.”

Picture: Alessandro Minutella, #newsSayjfnblju

Western Civilization Exists for the Mass



Many are stunned today at the speed in which western civilization is collapsing. Coinciding with this is the post-conciliar crisis within the Church, the fourth great crisis of Christendom as it has been described by that great defender of orthodoxy, Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan. What may not be as clear too many is the connection between the destruction of the Mass and of the collapse of the Christian west.

One man who understood this connection was Dr. John Senior, professor of English, Literature, and Classics and co-founder of the very successful Integrated Humanities Program at the University of Kansas. Dr. Senior taught for decades at the university level. He was also a convert to the Catholic faith, devoted to the traditional Mass and an attendee of Immaculata Chapel (SSPX) in St. Mary’s, Kansas.

Senior has been credited with inspiring a generation of young men and women who, having studied under him at Kansas, converted to Catholicism. As Michael Matt of the Remnant has noted, “under his tutelage, (his students) had learned to love the old Faith as he did and thus desired to serve the Church as loyally as had their revered teacher.”

Early in his book The Restoration of Christian Culture, John Senior speaks to the inseparable nature of civilization and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

Whatever we do in the political or social order, the indispensable foundation is prayer, the heart of which is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the perfect prayer of Christ Himself, Priest and Victim, recreating in an unbloody manner the bloody, selfsame Sacrifice of Calvary. What is Christian culture? It is essentially the Mass. That is not my or anyone’s opinion or theory or wish but the central fact of 2,000 years of history. Christendom, what secularists call Western Civilization, is the Mass and the paraphernalia which protect and facilitate it. All architecture, art, political and social forms, economics, the way people live and feel and think, music, literature ―all these things when they are right are ways of fostering and protecting the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Understanding this, is it any wonder why a growing number of Catholics today (sometimes derisively dismissed as ‘radical traditionalists’) speak of the need for liturgical restoration? Is it any surprise that we are seeing a cultural collapse in the west considering the anthropocentric and profane Masses offered for much of the last fifty years?

Reading the above quote by Senior recently I was immediately reminded of another occasion when esteemed laity highlighted the inseparable connection between the Mass and civilization.

On the eve of the implementation of Pope Paul’s new Mass in the U.K. back in 1971, a group of learned English signatories wrote the Holy Father a letter, an appeal. Many of the distinguished signers were not even Catholic. They included such artists and thinkers as Agatha Christie, Graham Greene, Robert Graves, Ralph Richardson, Kenneth Clark, Malcolm Muggeridge, and Yehudi Menuhin to name just a few. In total nearly sixty people signed.

Their letter today, and the subsequent response of Rome, are referred to as the Agatha Christie indult, named after its most prominent signer. Put simply, the letter argued for the preservation of the Roman Rite as the jewel of western civilization. They began:

If some senseless decree were to order the total or partial destruction of basilicas or cathedrals, then obviously it would be the educated -whatever their personal beliefs- who would rise up in horror to oppose such a possibility.

Now the fact is that basilicas and cathedrals were built so as to celebrate a rite which, until a few months ago, constituted a living tradition. We are referring to the Roman Catholic Mass. Yet, according to the latest information in Rome, there is a plan to obliterate that Mass by the end of the current year.

Next, the signatories argued (as John Senior did) that the traditional Mass is foundational to, and inseparable from, western civilization:

We are not at this moment considering the religious or spiritual experience of millions of individuals. The rite in question, in its magnificent Latin text, has also inspired a host of priceless achievements in the arts -not only mystical works, but works by poets, philosophers, musicians, architects, painters and sculptors in all countries and epochs. Thus, it belongs to universal culture as well as to churchmen and formal Christians.

The implication is clear. If the “rite in question” has inspired the culture and lifted the human spirit in such a manner “in all countries and epochs”, then what happens when it is distorted and diminished. If western civilization exists for the Mass, then what happens when the Mass is changed? Consistently profaned? Modernized?

The letter concludes with both an appeal, and a filial warning, to the Holy Father:

The signatories of this appeal, which is entirely ecumenical and nonpolitical, have been drawn from every branch of modern culture in Europe and elsewhere. They wish to call to the attention of the Holy See, the appalling responsibility it would incur in the history of the human spirit were it to refuse to allow the Traditional Mass to survive…

Cardinal Heenan delivered the letter to Pope Paul VI, resulting in the granting of the Latin Mass indult for England and Wales in November 1971.

What is sad today, nearly fifty years after the “reform” of the Roman Rite, is that many within the Church still do not see what John Senior and the signatories of the Agatha Christie letter so clearly recognized. History has proven them to be truly prophetic. We can view these last fifty years as our Babylonian exile. Our captivity, merited through pride and disobedience.

Surveying the ecclesial and cultural landscape near the end of his life, Senior held nothing back in his assessment:

The crisis is over; we have lost. This is no longer just a prediction, it is a simple observation: Rome has been desecrated. We are in the age of darkness. Triumphalist reactions are in vain. The modern world and the Church deserve the punishment that God is raining down on us.

Despite this current punishment we cannot despair. In the end, we know Who is victorious. We do not, however, participate in this victory if we fail to reassert the fundamental connection between the Mass and western civilization.

The Mass must first be the foundation of the family before it can be the foundation of the culture. All of life must flow from Our Eucharistic Lord, present in our churches, on the altars, in the hands of our priests. The Social Kingship of Christ must once again be proclaimed as well.

We must also reject the nonsensical notion of the Mass as an ecumenical experiment. As a laboratory for innovation. As an expression of the secular instead of an encounter with the eternal. This must all be rejected. It is offensive and it is not Catholic.

Western civilization, or more accurately Christendom, exists for the Mass. We have seen the fruits of secularism, of rejecting this fundamental truth. We have seen both the culture and the Church teeter (and in some places fall) due to the loss of understanding of this foundational truth. Even where the culture fails to grasp this notion, it is still true never the less.

In the end this is why so many fight for the liturgy, despite the scorn of some and the indifference of many. This truth compels us. Father John Zuhlsdorf (Fr. Z) likes to say, “Save the Liturgy, save the World.” Indeed.

Photo credit: Gonzague Bridault


Is the Catholic Church in Germany Still Catholic?

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Matthew Cullinan HoffmanMatthew Cullinan HoffmanFollow Matthew

German Catholic archdiocese promotes fornication, abortion, to 15-year-old girls

November 6, 2017, ( – German Catholics are protesting a program endorsed personally by the archbishop of Berlin that gives “practical tips” to Catholic sex educators on how to teach children about their “sexual rights,” advising them that adult sex with a minor is permitted, as long as it’s “consensual,” and outlining the process of obtaining an abortion.

The program also seeks to eliminate “taboos,” “prejudices,” and “stereotypes” regarding various forms of sexual deviation, including homosexual behavior and masturbation, treating such impulses as part of a person’s identity. At the same time, it seeks to resolve the “tension” between such behaviors and the Catholic Church’s “official” doctrines on human sexuality.

“A church that tries to impose people’s opinions today is crazy,” writes Berlin archbishop Heiner Koch in his introduction to the program. “We need to take note of the diversity of ideas about sexuality in our society. However, in the company of young people, we also need to be in a position to make a profound statement that the Christian faith and its image of man can free themselves to self-realization, to true relationship and intimacy.”

The program’s “Practical tips for the use of methods in sexual pedagogical work with youth groups,” posted on the archdiocesan website, addresses the question, “When is it normal to have sex?” It gives a list of hypothetical “situations” regarding minors involved in out-of-wedlock sexual activity and then provides “answers” to those situations regarding the minors’ “right” to engage in the behavior. Catholic doctrine on sexual morality in the document is left unmentioned.

In hypothetical “Situation 2” a 22-year-old man has a 15-year-old girlfriend with whom he wishes to have sexual relations. The archdiocese writes, “In principle, persons of legal age may sleep with minors, provided it is consensual sexual acts/intercourse. It gets difficult, however, whenever sexual acts or intercourse are forced.”

In “Situation 6,” a girl named “Milena” has an “unwanted pregnancy.” While the document discusses options for receiving state support for her as an unwed mother, or for adopting, it adds, “In the context of pregnancy conflict counseling Milena can be advised on the possibility of abortion.”

“In the consultation, the father of the expected child or even her parents can be present if she so wishes. She even has to show that she took part in a consultation should she decide to terminate. In the consultation, the father of the expected child or even her parents can be present if she so wishes. No matter how Milena decides, she can get advice and has the right to psychological support,” the document continues.

The “tips” even explain how minors can obtain contraceptives without their parents finding out, and implies that those under 14 years of age can obtain contraceptives to facilitate their sexual activity, despite the fact that it is illegal.

In “Situation 5,” readers are told, “Laura (15) would like to sleep with her boyfriend and considers different contraceptives.” However, she’s afraid her parents will find out. The archdiocese notes that, as “Laura” is under 16 years of age, her doctor can inform her parents that she wants oral contraceptives. However, “Laura” can “try to convince the doctor that she is mature enough to make that decision.”

The archdiocese notes that “for under-14s it will be difficult to get a prescription for contraceptives since intercourse for under-14s is prohibited by law.” However, it adds that “in principle, adolescents can buy over-the-counter contraceptives such as condoms and a diaphragm at any pharmacy. If you are uncomfortable asking for it in a pharmacy, you can also buy condoms anonymously in a drugstore.”

Other “situations” include teenage girls in lesbian relationships and a boy who wants to be tested for venereal diseases without being detected by his parents. Both are within the legal “rights” of minors, the archdiocese states.

German Catholics respond with a petition

A group of German Catholics outraged by the archbishop’s apparent endorsement of pro-abortion materials has organized a petition to ask him to remove them from the archdiocesan website, entitled “The Archdiocese of Berlin should finally stop giving teens tips on abortion!”

“Incomprehensible! The Archdiocese of Berlin gives 15-year-old pregnant women tips on how to kill their child. . . . This exposes the archbishop of Berlin, Heiner Koch, as a follower of the feminist pro-choice ideology, which gives the right to life of unborn children to the arbitrariness of their mothers. Pro-Choice is not opinion, but murder!”

The petitioners ask the archbishop to “take the unspeakable abortion tips immediately from the website of the Archdiocese of Berlin. The church has the right to defend the right to life of the unborn and a moral obligation to act as the protective power of innocent children in public.”

However, the petitioners make no mention of other material on the site that normalizes and legitimizes out-of-wedlock and homosexual sex acts.

Archbishop seeks ‘conversation’ with adolescents about their values

The materials were originally presented by the Archdiocese of Berlin at a conferencecalled “In ‘Freedom and Responsibility’: Sex Education Work in Catholic Institutions” in February of 2016.

According to Archbishop Heiner Koch, the conference sought to “trace the tensions between Catholic sexual morality, one’s own attitude, life-world and the sexual pedagogical requirements in the workplace and to get into conversation about it.”

“Abortion, Homosexuality, Masturbation: The spectrum on the topic of ‘sex’ is as far-reaching in Catholic education and care facilities for children and adolescents as society dictates,” states the archdiocese on its webpage regarding the event, “But the taboos are also big, as educators and social workers admitted at a conference.” Conference materials seek to help adolescents clarify their own values in a dialogical manner.

Archbishop responds to complaints, but protesters not satisfied

Following an outcry from German Catholics over the abortion “tips” given in “Situation 6,” the archbishop ordered a paragraph  be added to that section noting that it is “difficult” to teach about the law “completely detached from moral issues,” and that the “ecclesiastical context” “offers the topic of ‘protection of life.’” According to the archbishop, this makes it “clear” that Christian values are to be taught along with the material. Other statements were added affirming that girls can’t be pressured to have abortions.

However, the petitioners were not satisfied with archbishop’s response. “The document still states (supplemented by a few remarks):  ‘Even girls under the age of 18 have the opportunity in principle to be able to terminate a pregnancy without penalty in the first twelve weeks. (…) No matter how Milena decides, she can seek advice and has the right to psychological support .’”

“Unfortunately, this is only a half-hearted appeasement by the archdiocese, but not a true commitment to a culture of life!” add the petitioners. “We must therefore maintain our protest and continue to apply pressure. The document should completely disappear from the site of the archdiocese!”

The material represents a long-established tendency of extreme laxity regarding sexual morals among German-speaking Catholic clergy and laity. German-speaking bishops, Such as Walter Kasper and Christoph Schönborn, have provided the principal impetus for the acceptance of adulterous second marriages in the Catholic Church. The permanent council of the German bishops’ conference has approvedgiving Holy Communion to those who are living in such marriages.

In recent years the German bishops, in particular, have promoted the notion of “diverse family types” and have even published an article defending same-sex “marriage.” Some German bishops, however, are resisting this tendency.


On Irreverent Masses | Barnhardt

The original Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Just a little reminder to one and all about liturgy, and bad liturgy.  Obviously, I think that living close to reverent liturgy, either the Tridentine Mass or Divine Liturgy, should be an extremely high priority, BUT, to those who say, “Novus Ordo Mass is all there is available to me, and I’M NOT GOING!”, let me hasten to remind you of the following:


The most “irreverent” Mass in history was Calvary itself. No one was actually paying attention to the Sacrifice of the Lamb except the small cohort led by The Blessed Virgin, St. John and St. Mary Magdalen.  Only they assisted in silence.  What else was going on at Calvary?  People were walking around, talking, ignoring Our Lord at best, laughing, shouting and heckling Him at worst.  One of the major aspects of crucifixion was the fact that the crucified were naked, completely exposed and obviously unable to cover themselves in any way – complete humiliation.  Can you imagine the taunts and filth that the Roman soldiers hurled at Our Lord? Don’t kid yourselves, folks.  They were probably making sexual taunts at Him that would turn even our jaded stomachs.  That is, of course, when they weren’t playing dice.  The Jewish priests also came to mock and scorn.  And there were probably quite a few people who came just to gawk. They had no idea what they were looking at other than three men being tortured to death.  They just gawked at the spectacle, then walked away.


Now consider the Apostles.  None except St. John were there.  Can you imagine the regret that they all felt for the rest of their lives for not having been there?  It was the most important event in history, in fact, it was the central event in all of history – so central that everything before and everything after is and will be reconciled through the central point of Calvary.  And they missed it.  They freely chose to stay away, cowering in hiding.


It is pretty clear that the days of being able to easily find a valid – never mind licit – Mass are numbered.  Antipope Bergoglio has his henchmen hard at work writing a new non-Mass “ecumenical service” that will fulfill the prophecy of the Mass being almost completely eliminated from the earth.  And as I have said before, when the apostate anti-church goes into full schism, they will take every square inch of real estate with them, and will be unanimously legally recognized as “the Catholic Church”. At this point, to be caught off guard by this will be simply inexcusable.


My advice is the same as what I suspect the Apostles would say: Go to Mass while you still can, even if it is Novus Ordo.  Nothing that happens at a Novus Ordo Mass will be as bad as what was going on at Calvary itself. If bad things happen, pray in reparation as the Blessed Virgin did.  Pray the Rosary. Remember that it is perfectly fine to NOT receive Holy Communion, and instead make a Spiritual Communion – remember, no one received Holy Communion at Calvary. Christ Himself, the High Priest, was the Priest Celebrant and the Victim, and He immolated Himself, thus consummating the Sacrifice. Don’t find yourself, like the Apostles, filled with regret at NOT going to Calvary.


The USCCB and the Weaponization of “Dialogue”

Steve Skojec    11/3/2017

In the wake of the latest instance of a faithful son of the Church pointing out that the papal emperor has no clothes, we have been treated to yet another flurry of loud and aggressive assertions that there is nothing to see here, no confusion really exists, and can everyone please stop acting childish and just move along?

Meanwhile, that faithful son — Fr. Thomas Weinandy — has been forced out of his position as a doctrinal consultant to the USCCB, while their president, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, had the audacity to talk about his “departure” under the auspices of “an opportunity to reflect on the nature of dialogue within the Church.”

Dialogue? Really? Since when does dialogue include the immediate dismissal of a man who posed his concerns — rooted in his conscience, which we are constantly informed by our betters in the Church can serve as the arbiter of all critical moral truths — with such deference and respect to the pope that people have criticized him for being too obsequious? Of course DiNardo wasn’t man enough to come out and admit that Fr. Weinandy had been told to resign; instead, he referred to his “departure” as though his former chief of staff on doctrinal matters had merely drifted away inexplicably on a gentle breeze like Mary Poppins.

Let’s make something clear: the USCCB is a disgrace to Catholics everywhere — a predominately progressive organization that has enriched itself through hundreds of millions of dollars of government money for refugee resettlement while opposing any sensible laws to restrict immigration — a fact that looks very much, as Catholic writer and author John Zmirak pointed out on yesterday, like political simony. “How much would we have to pay the bishops to teach what the Catechism says on #immigration?” he asked. To put it more bluntly, I’d be interested in knowing how much we’d have to pay them to just be Catholic.

The USCCB’s concern for disassociating itself with an uncouth thinker only goes so far, however. For example, they still haven’t asked Ralph McCloud to resign. McCloud is the head of the USCCB’s Catholic Campaign for Human Development, who split his first year working for the US bishops by moonlighting as treasurer for the political campaign of Wendy Davis, a Planned Parenthood-endorsed candidate for the Texas state senate who was at that time was in the process of unseating a pro-life incumbent. Davis would go on to be known for her 11-hour long filibuster in the Texas legislature to block more restrictive abortion regulations. Under McCloud’s leadership the CCHD has been linked to funding from Planned Parenthood affiliates and an organization performing same sex marriages.

No “departure” for Mr. McCloud while wistful reflections on dialogue were issued.

Or what about the USCCB subsidiary, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), which was recently exposed as being involved in developing an African sex-education program “aimed at children as young as 10, encourages condom use, promotes abortifacient contraception, normalizes homosexuality and masturbation and lists Planned Parenthood as a resource.”

Was action taken? Nope.

For that matter, how about Jessica Garrels, a “program quality coordinator” for CRS, whom, as Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute reminded us yesterday, “had strongly supported and promoted Planned Parenthood on her Facebook page.” Among other examples Hichborn cited — including a profile picture with a Planned Parenthood graphical overlay on her account —  on January 9, 2016, Garrels “wrote “Well said!” cheering on the statement of US Representative Gwen S. Moore in her defense of maintaining funding to Planned Parenthood.” Hichborn continues:

Shortly after the the article on Garrels was published and sent to the bishops of the United States, Garrels’ Facebook page was locked up tight to hide her posts from public view.  CRS never issued a response to the report, and when LifeSiteNews contacted CRS for a comment on the matter, “CRS did not respond to LifeSiteNews’ inquiry into the information about its employees’ public support for Planned Parenthood.”

As it turns out, Garrels is still employed at CRS over a year later.

Just this summer, Garrels gave an interview to the Huffington Post on behalf of Catholic Relief Services. Clearly, they think she’s a perfectly acceptable ambassador for the brand.

Support abortion? Not to worry! You can stay at the USCCB.

Respectfully ask the pope to consider the damage he is doing to the Church by citing specific examples raised through pastoral work via the concerns of the faithful? Get. Out.

Knowing just how impossible it is to do what I’d really love to see happen — defund the USCCB — makes fighting back challenging. After all, with a tidal wave of cash coming from the federal government, we can only do so much damage by starving them of income from the faithful. And we should starve them in any way we can. Not a single penny should be transferred from the faithful to a single USCCB program. In fact, we should probably begin putting the pressure on our own bishops through their annual appeals. Perhaps we should all put letters in those envelopes in lieu of checks, telling our bishops that if they don’t reign in the conference, they’ll get no more money from us. But to be honest, it’s hard for me to come up with a specific action item in this regard because the whole thing should simply be gutted and set on fire and dumped into the nearest ocean. (And nuked from orbit, just to be sure.)

Feeling this frustration yesterday and looking for any opportunity to make our voices heard, I began encouraging people on social media to go to the Facebook page of the USCCB and leave one-star reviews after I saw others encouraging the same. Within no time, their page was flooded with people complaining about their treatment of Fr. Weinandy along with other issues. Clearly, there’s a lot of pent-up frustration out there amongst the faithful.

But the USCCB wasn’t having it. They began banning anyone who left a negative review from interacting with their page, making it impossible to comment on other reviews or posts or even to so much as hit the “like” button. Today, since Facebook won’t allow a page owner to edit or delete negative reviews, they’ve instead found a way to remove the reviews feature entirely. (That’s okay, though. I saved a whole bunch of them in a nice long screenshot. You can download the PDF here. For posterity!)

So. Much. Dialogue!

You can still go to their contact page and give them a piece of your mind. Mostly, though, this will be a minor irritation that low-level staffers will have to deal with. After all, important members of the USCCB — like Cardinal Blase Cupich, who is in the running for the USCCB’s pro-life committee despite repeated collusion with pro-abortion politicians and an outrageous statement about the undercover Planned Parenthood videos — have to give critical talks like this week’s “Dialogue [there’s that word again!] in the Key of Pope Francis”, in which he is seen defending Fr. James Martin, SJ, and telling us that if we want to “take up discernment” in the mode of Pope Francis, we must “be prepared to let go of cherished beliefs and long-held biases”.

And what about this gem, taken from the same speech?

Image courtesy of @RadicalCath

Cupich, of course, makes an important point here about the evolution of decentralized ecclesiastical structures. Many people simply discount the role of the USCCB because it has “no power” and “no official authority” within the Church. But remember, Francis wants to change that too. From his exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (32):

The Second Vatican Council stated that, like the ancient patriarchal Churches, episcopal conferences are in a position “to contribute in many and fruitful ways to the concrete realization of the collegial spirit”.[36] Yet this desire has not been fully realized, since a juridical status of episcopal conferences which would see them as subjects of specific attributions, including genuine doctrinal authority, has not yet been sufficiently elaborated.[37] Excessive centralization, rather than proving helpful, complicates the Church’s life and her missionary outreach.

The pope took a big step, in fact, toward granting significant autonomy to bishops conferences in his motu proprio Magnium Principium, which, as he clarified in his very public rebuke to Cardinal Sarah, grants them the authority to perform their own regional Mass translations without Rome’s pre-approval. (Already, the excitement in parts of Europe is bubbling over with the new possibilities!)

Meanwhile, the faithful are left with no recourse to this style of “dialogue,” which effectively amounts to being shouted down and told to know our place, under the iron fist of the Dictatorship of Mercy. In addition to continuing to speak out, prayer and penance is most likely the course of action the saints would recommend. Admittedly, however, such a response feels incredibly meager in the face of the continued implosion of all we hold sacred.

21st Century Catholicism: Having one’s cake and eating it too

Cafeteria Catholic is a phrase that has been with us since the end of Vatican II and the promulgation of the Novus Ordo Missae; choosing what to believe and what not to believe based on our own private judgment. It represented a radical change within Catholicism that described a new Catholic Culture which swept the world and has now thoroughly gripped most Catholics without having the least concern that they might not be Catholics in good standing while they disagree with moral and ethical laws and rightful duties that Catholics are charged with under penalty of grave sin or even excommunication in some instances. This attitude is seen from the lowest layman in the pews all the way to the Princes of the Church, its theologians, liturgists and perhaps even to the Pope himself.

A more apt understanding of this old saying might well be rephrased by saying that most Novus Ordo Catholics believe that we can be Catholic whilst refusing to believe Her teachings, can live a hedonistic lifestyle, skip Confession, disregard Holy days of Obligation (and the Sunday Obligation to attend Mass); all with complete complacency. They receive Holy Communion, hold heretical opinions concerning defined Teachings and still are regarded as good and loyal Catholic. And why not? We have enough prelates on record who publicly disagree with Church Teachings and they, after all, are our Shepherds; raised to their ranks to lead us, to protect the sheep and to safely lead their souls, under their spiritual care, to Heaven. If they can question the Teachings of the Fatih then I guess that all Catholics have the same freedom to do the same.

We have watched as our prelates have endorsed views that were denounced by previous popes and councils which has now become common fare for our ‘discernment’ or taught as Catholic Truth: Communism, Marxism and Socialism, once condemned by the Church has become  so prevalent that over 50% of the millennials would rather live in a socialist country that in a democracy. Likewise, homosexuality and homosexual unions are now accepted by the majority of those who call themselves Catholics; the Real Presence in the Eucharist is seen as a mere change of significance (a mere remembering of Christ’s passion and death) in the substance of the bread and wine and nothing more; an opposition to an all male priesthood; a new focus on the congregation during Mass than on Christ; a push to forego personal holiness in prayer to a type of Christian Humanism as the highest form of perfecting ones spiritual life. Loving God has been put in the backseat while loving neighbor (for the love of God) is front and center . . . and not so much for the love of God but for humanitarian reasons of liberty, equality and fraternity . . . a return to the cry of the Protestant Freemasons from the French Revolution. Never mind that the French Revolution led to the persecution of the Church and Europe has never recovered from their hatred of the Catholic Faith. The Vendee episode was a Catholic genocide that followed this ideology and it is still seething below the surface even now. But never mind.

It seems that Catholics would rather find a false ecumenism with the world which would like to destroy the Catholic Faith or at least fully convert them into just another sect of Protestantism. And the Novus Ordo and our false ecumenism has done a great deal to bring us closer to this protestant goal. Our dialogues with other faiths has done nothing but take from Catholicism  without any quid pro quo. Give and take did not occur . . . only give. And we seem to be OK with our new protestant faith. Forget the martyrs who gave their lives for the faith and forget our fathers and grandfathers who would be appalled at the Church today, scarcely recognizing Her and wondering what ever happened to the Roman Catholic Church, Her Truths and a remarkable Catholic culture that has all but disappeared entirely.

And added to this, we now have caved to the world’s idea of marriage, divorce, remarriage, contraception et al. No, the Teachings cannot change but our support for how we deal with these things has fundamentally changed . . . in effect, denying their Truth. Marriage and divorce in the Catholic Church is about the same as it is for everyone else in the world . . . pretty dismal. The size of Catholic families has fallen in a similar way which demonstrates how contraception laws are being violated constantly. One wonders how the Church is going to revive itself in the midst of such chaos.

Can we ever recover if we have priest fighting against priest, bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal? And when the Vicar of Christ has decided to allow adulterers to have their cake and eat it too, we wonder if there is any chance for a Catholic revival during our lifetimes . . . or if Christ Himself must return to cleanse the swamp and set His Church aright once again.

God have mercy on our souls for we have sinned and decided that we cannot curb our appetites and therefore You, Dearest Christ, surely will have mercy on us no matter if we even make an attempt to live up to Your Commandments. Martin Luther has won. Today’s Novus Ordo Church is one of his greatest achievements. No wonder so many of our prelates are celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Revolution. But Christ will have the last Victory and may He, indeed, have mercy for our disobedience and our rebellious spirit.

Making Suicide A Virtuous Act: Antipope Bergoglio and NWO Executing Depopulation Plan |

By Ann Barnhardt     Nov. 1, 2017

Ready for more sunshine and happiness after yesterday’s fury at the celebration of Luther?  I realized that the whole theme of the desensitizing, normalizing and glorifying of suicide demanded a post of its own.  This is such an important topic, and almost no one is talking about it, perhaps because most people simply can’t imagine that there are people so spectacularly evil as to actually desire that people choose to commit suicide en masse.  But, that is exactly the situation, and so we have to discuss it.

I would especially encourage priests to read this very, very closely, as you will be on the front lines and if you do not understand what is going on, it will be very, very difficult for you to fight back against the wolves who are trying to devour your flocks.

Post-Christian society is falling into the abyss, and quickly. Within a mere blink of the eye in historical terms, our society has fully embraced sexual perversion of every stripe, self-mutilation has become a “civil right”, and there is now only one final frontier to be breached: suicide.

Antipope Bergoglio, wielding his completely illegitimate “moral authority” as the usurper of the See of Peter, has been at the forefront of the conspiracy – and I use the word without hesitation – to lay the foundations needed to desensitize, normalize, glorify, and eventually EXPECT suicide.  It is the ultimate smack in the face to God, to not only ratify people in sin, but to actually encourage people to take the gift of their very life, and throw it away.

The fact that Bergoglio and the Freemasonic-Soros-Zuckerberg New World Order cabal are 100% in agreement on the agenda of suicide promotion should come as absolutely no surprise whatsoever.  If Bergoglio is, in fact, the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, it becomes even more predictable.

The first step is to ratify what post-Christian culture already believes by a huge margin: that death results in the annihilation of the human soul at the very worst, and for those few remaining “simpletons” that still cling to their “bullshit religion”, that there is universal salvation.  Either way, the possibility of eternal damnation and the existence of hell is completely discounted and derided as the ravings of unsophisticated and “hate-filled” fringe lunatics.

It was the Theory of Evolution that was the first wave of attack against man’s belief in the reality of hell.  We all know that when we slaughter animals, that the animals’ consciousnesses are, in fact, “snuffed out of existence”.  Animals are NOT rational intellects, and thus are fundamentally different from human beings who are rational intellects, and are in that way created “in the image and likeness of God”.  As Darwinian thought infected the world, men became convinced that as mere “hairless apes”, animals that are simply more evolved than other animals, so too are human beings “snuffed out of existence” when they die.  Three of the Four Last Things were essentially disregarded in one fell swoop: Judgment, Heaven and Hell.  Only death remained, and so the telos of man, or the end of man, became death and annihilation – FULL STOP, LIGHTS OUT. Heaven and hell thus became something that intelligent people merely gave lip service to on Sunday mornings, if that.

Bergoglio has gone out of his way to promote soul annihilation as the worst possible end of man, even in the foul screed Amoris Laetitia, in which he says, through his ghostwriter in paragraph 297, “No one can be condemned forever, because that is not the logic of the Gospel!He has told the atheist Freemason newspaper magnate Eugenio Scalfari more than once that souls are annihilated that do not receive eternal beatitude. 

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