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Video: Muslims takeover streets of Chicago, Houston, Dallas, New York

October 14, 2017

Did you see any of these events on your local and national newscasts? They’ll give you a glimpse of what the Muslim invasion looks like.

Chicago, Illinois – a two-hour procession through the streets.

Houston, Texas – the audio sounds enhanced to make it sound like a much bigger crowd but it’s a sizable gathering.

Dallas, Texas – another sizable gathering of Muslims in the streets.

Queens, New York

The same Muslims got bloody last year.

Brooklyn, New York

Manhattan, NYC


There’s many more in other cities. Some bloody, others not.

And the Shia are a minority.

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Chris and Mike in Black & White ~ The Remnant Newspaper

This fits in with the previous two posts.

Have we been left to the viciousness of the wolves?

P.S. Is Bergoglio working to make it possible to pick his own successor? Also, it seems to me that you can tell alot about a man by those whom he holds close and promotes as opposed to those whom he shuns and demotes.

From the Remnant:

Left wing idiocy keeps insinuating itself into our lives ~ leave us the hell alone

I don’t think I am alone among those who are sick and tired of the left wing hollywood productions, situation comedies, late night comedies and their constant barrage in their biased news programming. It seemed that sports was the last bastion where people did not have to be bludgeoned with individual personal peeves and their infantile protests when all that the consumer wants is an escape from the constant drone of discontent and their declaration that they are  life’s victim. This is the land where the global leftist elites have make multi-million dollar salaries to be actors or players in professional sports, political leaders or ‘news’ people who weasel their own opinion and fabricate news to suit their ideologies. They have brainwashed children with their drivel starting with animated children programming but sports was thankfully the last bastion of relief from all this inane drivel.

I for one have had enough of professional sports that disrespect the country that gave them the opportunity to live lifestyles in obscene oppulence; the same for those in news, movies and all the rest. Who cares what their opinions are anyway? I tune into baseball, basketball or football to escape the unintelligible banter from the left and now that this form of relaxation has become more of the same who in their right minds would want to tune in to watch these snowflakes try to bolster their ‘cred’ with the left by politicizing sports?

ESPN that has become a left wing mouthpiece to yap their grievances (especially against Trump) is unbearable. I am about to the point of getting rid of TV altogether as these idiots think that because they have money, power and prestige that they can do anything and bear no responsibility to deliver to their customes that for which they pay for: sports, for the sake of sports. Let them all retire and lets go back to amateur sports where we don’t yet have this elitist insistence to weigh in on anything and everything they feel is revelant to them; as if their opinion is far superior to the little people.

And by the way, what makes you think that anybody thinks you are experts in anything other than your craft. I do not look to you hollywood elites, political whiners and weasels or sports figures to give us their expert advice. I for one am done with all of it: no more hollywood movies, sitcoms, late night shows, far left politicians, and now professional sports and especially ESPN which I will avoid like the plague.

Thanks very much for ruining the last television programming that had not been fully corrupted by politics. You can take your political opinions down to the corner coffee shop and maybe someone will buy you a cup of coffee – but don’t count on it.

Today is the feast of St. Padre Pio

Pray, hope and don’t worry.