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 News for Catholics is an interactive site for those who would like to discuss or argue issues in the news, concerning culture, religion or morality. It is designed to allow the visitor the maximum flexibility in interacting with others, discussing issues that are important to them or simply writing a piece as though this site were their own private blog.
  • News Items: these are open for comments and discussions or you may write an editorial on a particular news item
  • Articles: which can be secular, political, religious or moral in nature are also open for comments and discussions
  • Blog: our blog is designed to publish articles and postings to be discussed in the comment boxes
  • Authoring; anyone may submit an editorial, article or blog post

Features You Might Not Expect ~ a quick tour of what is unique to this site.

  1. This site has the familiar WordPress Blog page which appears the moment you access the site with the same ability to Like the Post or to enter into discussions or make comments.
  2. The site has combined this feature with news stories and articles of interest to both Christians of all denominations but primarily aimed at Catholics tryting to live their faith out in an increasingly secularized world.
  3. Quotes for inspiration from our saints is provided at the top of the right sidebar and is updated every time a page is refreshed.
  4. A final thought of the day is provided at the bottom of the sidebar.
  5. There is the most interesting weather widget I have ever seen , also  located at the bottom of the sidebar. It is quite entertaining as well. Simply click to expand the view to full-screen and watch the constantly changing graphics.
  6. I have added a crossword puzzle for the day which is available from the menu bar at the top of the site.
  7. You may also enjoy learning such things as Latin and our Catholic Prayers which are presented on the menu tab: Learn.
  8. Catholic movies suitable for the whole family are presented under the Video tab on the menu which are worth the time to watch.
  9. For the sports fans, I have included a simple link to the latest sports stories and a way to check the latest sports stories through a link to the ESPN scores page.
  10. On the bottom right of the sidebar is a link to the iBreviary app which incorporates the Mass, Prayers, the Breviary and much more.

NOTE: One final note to everyone. I am open to all suggestions for content that would make this site more useful to my subscribers. Please do not hesitate to inform me of any ideas that you would especially like to see incorporated.

I hope you enjoy the experience and participate fully by submitting your own ideas for discussion. Although this site is run by Catholics we welcome all denominations to participate and share their own views. After all, the moral and cultural issues that confront all Christians is common to us all. We may just discover that there are many issues that we can eagerly unite behind. I look forward to all ideas presented.  __ Thank you,

“Scoop” (aka, Servus Fidelis)

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