Quiet Revolutions ~ boiling the frogs slowly

The ‘pooper-scooper’ [Scoop] has been trying to make some scatological sense out of the filth that we now live in. Heaven only knows that we are literally up to our eyeballs in specimens that more properly belong in a society that has a strange obsession with coprophilia. But what is trash [or waste] for some, has always been a treasure to others I suppose. Or, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It seems a quiet revolution occurred during my lifetime which was punctuated every now and then by a few uprisings or notable tectonic societal shifts. These usually died down though the inevitable aftershocks reverberated within our societies for decades.

We all know how to desensitize a frog to boiling them alive [by raising the temperature degree by degree] so that they scarcely realize that they are not enjoying a nice warm bath . . . until it is too late of course. Or perhaps it is similar to those born into a life that is filled with filth and yet are not aware that life is not ‘normal.’ After all, it is normal for them . . . a new normal; like these children perhaps?

Something similar has happened in the political, ideological and religious arena that can only be viewed as a complete disaster and deconstruction of a positive, values-based society. I should say, the ‘new normal’ has values but not the positive ones that we began with. They have been remade and reconstituted according to a perceived higher ideological end.

Take, for instance, the moment when Barack Obama made his infamous statement that small town folks, “cling to guns or religion” which made it more than obvious that our new President didn’t think too highly of our rights to own guns or our penchant for a society based on Christian values. Then last year, Hillary who has a very good chance of becoming our next president said: “religious beliefs have to be changed.” Why? because religions are opposed to her unassailable belief in a woman’s right to an abortion. So Hillary claims preeminence over God in such things. And in the Catholic arena, Pope Francis has taken mercy to the point where his version is better than Christ’s or the teachings of the Church he is leading. For where Christ was clear regarding adultery, our Pope has now made illusory . . . hidden in a fog of mumbo jumbo.

What is to be made of this new one-world-order crowd or one-world-church crowd? We have compromised away our positive values for expediency. We have ‘grown’ in our acceptance of transgenders, homosexuality, abortions, adultery, illegal border crossings [a borderless world in the vision of Soros is now acceptable to most]. Pragmatism and utilitarianism has beat down our God-given constitutional rights and back-shelved our moral beliefs and even our common sense. We are only months away from our Pope celebrating the reformation and the life of Martin Luther . . . how does that speak to the heroes of our faith during those times?

My friend Steve recently asked me if I could ever be friends with a liberal. I did not even hesitate: the answer is no. They are my enemies and they wish to extinguish my rights, expunge my beliefs and take my money and redistribute it in the name of ‘fairness’ and ‘mercy’. How can you call someone who wishes you ill, your friend? It seems impossible to me.

I think it’s becoming a little warm in this pot of water that we are now sitting in. Perhaps we ought to think more about this whole societal remake before we are too weak to jump out of the pot.

I’m not sure what answer you would give Steve but I think there may be another post in the offing regarding his question.

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  1. Philip Augustine

    I’d like to make a brief comment with a little open time.

    My brother made the comment one time that it appears that every time you defeat your enemy, you adopt something from them subconsciously. He used the WWII as an example and our defeat of the Nazis. For example, we adopted the interstate system and a fair industrial military after the defeat of Germany. He gave other examples, which led to the defeat ideologically of the Soviet Union, where now it appears that we have more or less adopted their structure for society.

    It floors me, especially after I took a class about the Soviet Union, it was jaw dropping to see how much they tried to systematically break down traditional family structures and their promotion of eugenics. I look around now at my own country and think my brother; might not be so far off.

    Furthermore, I have noticed the slow boil myself. It is the reason I have been working so hard to renew the faith within my community and my family.

    Several of my old college friends are liberals, they are now more acquaintances now than friends. Many of them cannot believe my turn to a more traditional Catholicism in my life. Christ still calls us to love our enemies, and I still love them, whether they would disown me or throw me to the lions.

    • Scoop Post author

      Yes, a mere 10 years ago, I would have said that there were some liberals that I could be friends with; as they were not quite so dedicated to a formal ideology. Today however, the battle lines are more distinct; they have been clarified and are quite well known. There is no middle-ground between that which is evil and thus opposed (180 degrees from my life path) to the principles by which I live my life and have reared my family. When it becomes a society of us against them it is quite apparent that we are enemies in this battlefield of good vs. evil. In such an situation, friendships become impossible; prayer and love for those whom we feel are selling out their souls for a bowl of pottage is about the extent that one can engage these people. But friendship . . . that is a wholly different matter. A friend is one that you would trust with your life and the life of your family should something happen to you. I have no misconceptions regarding the principles these people hold and the opposition to my way of life that these people adhere. Therefore, friendship is impossible by any stretch of the imagination. It is an interesting, and rather new, turn of events in our own society. Battlelines have been drawn and I know the side of that line where I stand. I will not move and neither will they. It is simply a new reality that we have to recognize. In fact, I would say that spending much time with the enemy is tantamount to a ‘near occassion of sin’ which we have all been warned to avoid if at all possible.


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