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In the Piazza del Gesù in Rome stands the mother church for the Society of Jesus, the Church of the Gesù. Inside one finds artist Pierre Le Gros’ classic marble relief, Religion Overthrowing Heresy and Hatred (pictured above). Long recognized by art historians as an archetypal image of the Church Triumphant, the Web Gallery of Art notes:

In Le Gros’ work, Religion hurls down thunderbolts upon an old woman representing Hatred while a male figure of Heresy writhes vanquished beneath; to reinforce the point, a putto cheerfully tears pages out of a volume by the Swiss reformer Zwingli, and a tome beneath the figure of Heresy bears Luther’s name prominently on its spine.

In a similar vein as Le Gros’ masterpiece stands Pope Gregory XVI’s 1832 encyclical, Mirari Vos, On Liberalism and Religious Indifferentism. Written during a time of great political and ecclesial tumult, and by a pope only in the second year of his pontificate, Mirari Vos employs the full authority of the papacy to boldly combat error. The language is direct and triumphalist in tone, differing significantly from what we have seen so often in recent years. Pope Gregory is also succinct in stating his purpose. At a mere 24 paragraphs total, Mirari Vos is most effective in part because of its brevity.

Regarding Indifferentism:

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