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By Alan Scott July 22, 2016

Every day people are faced with making many decisions. Big or small, important or unimportant, this is part of life.

And in life, we have to choose some things in preference to others.

But choosing doesn’t always involve just “things”. Choosing also involves philosophies.

Ways of living. Ways of being. Ways of believing.

And often in life, we become trapped into a deceptive way of thinking.

One such deceptive trap many fall into is: That we should have everything. That we can have everything. That we deserve everything.

It’s called ‘the more, the better’ mentality. The Joneses.

“Life is short, I am only going to live once. So, I want a luxury car, a huge house, and a ton of all the latest and greatest gadgetry to put in it.”

And when you adopt this mentality, you can’t help but start to notice what everyone else around you has. It’s natural, when you want the best, you must see what those around you have. How else can you make sure what you have is the best, unless you are judging what others have?

And so the competition begins, even if you don’t fully realize it.

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