How to be a Marginal Catholic in Good Standing, January 1, 2025

Application and Official Document of the Marginal Catholic Church

Please answer the following: (please note that there are no right or wrong answers and that refusing to answer or by answering in the negative will not disqualify you from being a Marginal Catholic in Good Standing)

I want to join the Marginal Catholic Church Yes ☑︎ No ☐

Optional: (for clerical purposes only)

I have read all of the doctrines of the Marginal Catholic Church and endeavor to live in accordance with them Yes ☐ No ☑︎
Note: this is a trick question as we have no doctrines

Welcome to the New and More Inclusive Marginal Catholic Church of your inviolable conscience

I, [insert name] __________, according to my own conscience am now entitled to the following: All of the Sacraments of the Marginal Catholic Church, should I want to receive them, full participation in the liturgy, including reading the scriptures and/or distributing the eucharist.

If you would like to apply for the priesthood please ask the Church Secretary for an application.
Reminder: if you want to be Pope you usually need to be a priest first.

The above person is now a member of the Marginal Catholic Church in Good Standing.

Signed by the Pastor of Our Lady of No Troubles

Rev. Bob _______________

This Document is Approved by His Holiness, Pope Simplicitus II of the Marginal Catholic Church — continuing our work in the peripheries whilst smelling like the sheep.

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