A Refuge from the Politically Correct and New Beginning for Old Friends

I have not written here for a while mostly because I have been spending most of my blogging time at Jessica’s site, AATW. If you have tried to reach her site recently you will notice that it has now gone private; which was precipitated by those ‘tolerant’ leftists who, among other things, think that Christian Morality is nothing but hate speech and therefore the writers of such should be banned, attacked and careers should be ruined. Such is the sad plight of religious freedom these days.

Those of us who were regulars at AATW will not go silent into the night however. We have formed a new site: AATWF and you can access it here. Please do come over and engage with people who can dialog on Christian and Political matters without being accused of hate speech and treat one another with the respect that they deserve.

Join us and please leave comments. Once you are comfortable with the site, should you like to contribute articles, let them know and more than likely you will be sent an invitation to become a contributor.

I hope to see you there.

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