Teachers, Communists, and Refusing to Talk to Media

What happens when the unions and communists march as one? Well, it appears that to prevent them from saying anything stupid on camera, they don’t talk to anyone on camera. The Right Scoop has the video…

Mind you, these people are teaching children lies about a system that featured…

1. Failed economics that resulted in medocrity at best, and often mass starvation.

2. Gulags, informants, and people being “disappeared.”

3. Over 100,000,000 dead in the last century.

4. A system that had to build wall-to keep their own people in.

Of course, the children are being taught that these things either didn’t happen, or were someone else’s fault. In other words, they’re talking like Democrats (or do I repeat myself?).

via Teachers, Communists, and Refusing to Talk to Media.