Biden is Always Good for a Laugh if Nothing Else


A little humor to warm us up for the post Presidential Debate analysis.

2 Replies to “Biden is Always Good for a Laugh if Nothing Else”

  1. 8kidsandabusiness

    Poor old Joe Biden. He may be able to fool American voters. He may get his wish, but, ultimately, the one who loses out the most is himself. If he professes one thing and his actions convey something all together different, well, there’s Bible passages for that too. Pray for Joe.

    • Mr. V.

      Yeah…it’s sometimes hard to remember that, when someone like Biden deliberately misrepresents Catholic doctrine and beliefs in the public eye, but we do need to pray for him and others like him. If he doesn’t get right with God, ultimately he’ll find himself before the throne and his mocking laughter and excuses won’t avail him at all. Our war is not with flesh and blood, but rather with the Devil and all of his forces. Biden is nothing more than a useful fool to them. Let us pray that his eyes get opened and he realizes the import of his words and actions, and repents.


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