6 Replies to “CNS STORY: New Vatican doctrinal chief talks about SSPX, LCWR discussions”

  1. Mr. V.

    I’ve definitely heard some silly sermons and lessons over the years. What springs to mind first though, when reading your post, is not a sermon but rather a lecture at one evening’s RCIA class in which I was present as a sponsor. The instructor, who I believe had a degree in Theology, actually stood up there in front of us all and proceeded to tell us of the glories of Hinduism and how their methods of prayer and meditation could benefit us. He also took a good five minutes encouraging us to go rent and watch the movie “The Devil’s Advocate”. Now I’d seen that movie years before, and I was shocked to hear someone who was instructing us in the Catholic faith tell us to go watch it. The movie was filled with seductive and at times quite pornographic imagery. His reason for recommending it? “Al Pacino plays the best Devil you’ll ever see!”

    Words fail me.


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