The Standard of the Cross


If revisionists would burlesque the past and mute the voice of reason, they should first recognize that the value of life is secured best by the standard of the Cross and not the Crescent.

starsThe current mania for tearing down statues and stifling free speech by cultural ingénues ignorant of history and logic, has reached a stellar absurdity in demands to censure “The Star Spangled Banner” on lame claims that it is racist.  If ignorance is bliss, then those who indulge their revisionism, must be in Nirvana.

Francis Scott Key penned the words in 1814, later set to an English song “To Anacreon in Heaven,” a tune that is a challenge to singers, as even Renéee Fleming confessed after performing it at the 2014 Super Bowl.  It is often mutilated by rock stars calling attention to themselves by “interpreting” it.  Key wrote the words after watching 19 British ships fire more than 1,500 cannon balls, mortar shells and rockets on Baltimore.  Key was a slave-owner, which was, sadly, not in contradiction to common practice.  But he ordered the manumission of his slaves, and in 1820 he embarked on a seven-year effort pleading before the Supreme Court for the liberation of 300 African slaves captured off the ship “Antelope” along the Florida coast.  He also worked with John Quincy Adams in the “Amistad” case to free 53 slaves.

Islam, which means “submission,” has never had abolitionists like the Christians Bartolomé de las Casas and William Wilberforce.

Key’s poem “The Defence of Fort McHenry” which, re-named “The Star-Spangled Banner,” became the national anthem in 1931, was based on verses he composed in 1805 to celebrate the victory over the Muslim slave-trading pirates on the Barbary coast, (“the shores of Tripoli,”).  “And pale beam’d the Crescent, its splendor obscured / By the Light of the star-spangled flag of our nation….And the turban’d heads bow’d to the terrible glare…” John Langdon, was a Founding Father who, as first President pro tempore of the Senate, administered the vice-presidential oath of office to John Adams.  In 1805 as governor of New Hampshire, he set aside a day in thanksgiving “for the termination of our contest with one of the African powers; the liberation of our fellow-citizens from bondage…”

Islam, which means “submission,” has never had abolitionists like the Christians Bartolomé de las Casas and William Wilberforce.  Muhammed was a slave trader, and the Qur’an devotes five times as much space to regulating labor slavery and sex slavery as it does to prayer.  Nearly 200 million slaves, white and black, were sold by Muslim traders over fourteen centuries, and almost all the Africans sold to European traders for export to America were enslaved by Muslims.  Muslim slavers even raided Ireland in 1631.  So many Eastern Europeans were enslaved that the word “slave” itself comes from “Slav.” While lip service is given to abolition in Islamic lands, slavery today is blatant in Sudan, Niger and Mauritania and was not abolished in Saudi Arabia and Yemen until 1962 (under Western pressure).  Where is the indignation of protestors here?  If revisionists would burlesque the past and mute the voice of reason, they should first recognize that the value of life is secured best by the standard of the Cross and not the Crescent.

Left wing idiocy keeps insinuating itself into our lives ~ leave us the hell alone

I don’t think I am alone among those who are sick and tired of the left wing hollywood productions, situation comedies, late night comedies and their constant barrage in their biased news programming. It seemed that sports was the last bastion where people did not have to be bludgeoned with individual personal peeves and their infantile protests when all that the consumer wants is an escape from the constant drone of discontent and their declaration that they are  life’s victim. This is the land where the global leftist elites have make multi-million dollar salaries to be actors or players in professional sports, political leaders or ‘news’ people who weasel their own opinion and fabricate news to suit their ideologies. They have brainwashed children with their drivel starting with animated children programming but sports was thankfully the last bastion of relief from all this inane drivel.

I for one have had enough of professional sports that disrespect the country that gave them the opportunity to live lifestyles in obscene oppulence; the same for those in news, movies and all the rest. Who cares what their opinions are anyway? I tune into baseball, basketball or football to escape the unintelligible banter from the left and now that this form of relaxation has become more of the same who in their right minds would want to tune in to watch these snowflakes try to bolster their ‘cred’ with the left by politicizing sports?

ESPN that has become a left wing mouthpiece to yap their grievances (especially against Trump) is unbearable. I am about to the point of getting rid of TV altogether as these idiots think that because they have money, power and prestige that they can do anything and bear no responsibility to deliver to their customes that for which they pay for: sports, for the sake of sports. Let them all retire and lets go back to amateur sports where we don’t yet have this elitist insistence to weigh in on anything and everything they feel is revelant to them; as if their opinion is far superior to the little people.

And by the way, what makes you think that anybody thinks you are experts in anything other than your craft. I do not look to you hollywood elites, political whiners and weasels or sports figures to give us their expert advice. I for one am done with all of it: no more hollywood movies, sitcoms, late night shows, far left politicians, and now professional sports and especially ESPN which I will avoid like the plague.

Thanks very much for ruining the last television programming that had not been fully corrupted by politics. You can take your political opinions down to the corner coffee shop and maybe someone will buy you a cup of coffee – but don’t count on it.

The Vatican blocks the site accusing the Pope of “seven heresies”

The Ansa says that the web page that contains the text of the petition would not be accessible from computers within the Vatican walls.

“The access to the webpage you are trying to visit has been blocked in accordance with institutional security policies,” it would be a warning on the PCs of those inside the Holy See who tried to access the “correction” site, , writes the press agency . At this time, therefore, no one inside the Vatican could connect to .

In the letter, dozens of priests and lay people called on the Pope to correct seven positions “backed up” in post-synodal apostolic exorcism by Amoris Laetitia and “through other words, acts and omissions associated with it”, labeled by the extensors of the document as “heretics” . Alleged positions that are not in line with the Catholic magisterium, according to the signatories, concern ” marriage , moral life, and the reception of the sacraments.” And Pope Francis, it is said in Correctio Filialis , would “cause the spread of these heretical opinions in the Catholic Church.”

The main object of the contention, in short, would be the statements contained in the Ariesis Laetitia regarding access to communion for divorced and repatriated persons who live more together . The same were the five “doubts” that were presented to the Pope by the Cardinals Charles Caffarra, Walter Brandmüller, Raymond L. Burke and Joachim Meisner. Through these assertions, the document reads in the summary of the document , the Pope would have allowed “directly or indirectly,” that it was believed that obedience to the Law of God could be impossible or undesirable and that the Church should sometimes accept adultery as compatible with being Catholic practitioners. “

Not only that, in the text, the signatories attribute the current crisis in the Church to ” modernism “, which theologically “argues that God has not delivered truths to the Church,” and “the apparent influence of Martin Luther’s ideas on Pope Francis “, In particular on” marriage, divorce, forgiveness and divine law “.

“Branch Correction” comes from dozens of members of the traditionalist universe. Among them are some famous names such as the one of the former President of the Ior, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi , the Superior of the Fraternity San Pio X , the Lefebvriano Bernard Fellay, by Monsignor Antonio Livi , illustrious theologian, historian and vice president of CNR, Roberto De Mattei and President of the American Catholic Lawyers’ Association, Christopher Ferrara .

No cardinal, however, chose to affix his signature at the foot of the document, although in the past Cardinal Burke had suggested the possibility of presenting a “formal correction” to Pope Francis if the Holy Father did not respond to the “doubt” on Auritis Laetitia.

The purpose of the correction, however, explained yesterday Gotti Tedeschi at La Stampa , is not to “give the Eyewitness to the Pope”, but to safeguard the “good of the Church” and of the Pope itself.

Alessandra Benignetti


With Great Sadness, I Did Not Watch the National Football League on Sunday

RUSH: I want to share with you first the way all of this affected me, because in many ways I think that I am fairly typical. I am smack-dab in the middle of the targeted marketing the NFL does to acquire and hold an audience, right smack-dab in the middle of it. And I have to tell you, I was so sad Sunday morning when all of this started falling out.

I was not sad after Friday night when the president made his comments. And I had no doubt afterward what the reaction was going to be and I had no doubt where public opinion was gonna fall. And I had no doubt how people in the NFL from players to the commissioner to media people were gonna get it wrong, and they have, and they did.

But if you’ll permit me first, I was personally saddened. I did not watch the National Football League yesterday, and it was the first time in 45 years that I made an active decision not to watch, including my team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was not a decision made in anger. It was genuine sadness. I realized that I can no longer look at this game and watch this game and study this game and pretend, you know, fantasize, everything a fan does. This whole thing has removed for me the ingredients that are in the recipe that make up a fan.

The mystique is gone. That actually started vanishing a while ago. The larger-than-life aspect of it is gone. The belief, the wish, the desire that the people in the game were the best and brightest and special, and that’s why they were there, that’s gone. And it’s been politicized. It has been politicized and corrupted, and it didn’t start this weekend. It started years ago. And if I wanted to, I could go back and get the transcripts from a few years ago on this program where I first sensed that this was happening and was going to happen.

Of course, years ago I couldn’t predict this specific event, but my sadness actually began years ago when all of the attention focused on the danger and the supposed attempt to hide all of that, not specifically just the concussions. The whole aura that that created. The sports media began to criticize that which they report on. It just became politicized. It simply just became politicized. And the people politicizing it, since we’re talking about politics, the people that politicized it are people on the left. And when that happens, things change. It’s just over.

That kind of corruption, sometimes it’s fast and overnight; sometimes it’s creeping. This has been creeping, but it took a big leap over the weekend. Why did I not watch the Steelers? Well, when I found out that the coach said a word I’m having trouble here relating. He said, “I need to protect my players.”

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All Decent People Should Be Afraid of Sodomites. Here’s Why. | Barnhardt

Ann tells us what nobody else wants you to know about the realities of the “lifestyle” that are being professed as harmless.

All Decent People Should Be Afraid of Sodomites. Here’s Why. EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING.  We are a war with sodomites, whether we like it or not.  We are in a war with execrable faggots like James Martin, Ethh Jay, and really all unrepentant sodomites.  Given that sexual perversion is a derivative of Diabolical Narcissism, sodomites, exactly like the demons they emulate, prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.  They want to drag as many people as possible down into hell with them, and it all be . . .

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