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Prayers for an aspiring Traditional Latin priest

Oct 2017
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I have a young friend that I have known from my parish church since he was little more than a baby. As a child he was diagnosed with Asperger’s which is a high functioning subtype of Autism. This young man showed from a very early age a love for the faith and was profoundly interested in learning all he could about the faith. He subsequently developed a love for the Traditional Latin Liturgy and is fully dedicated to keeping to the 2000 year deposit of the faith. He stood out as an exemplary example of what a good server at Mass looks like: engaged, solemn, reverent and ever cognizant of doing his duties according the book.

He has largely overcome or been able to control the difficulties that accompany Asperger’s Syndrome and went to France on his own to attend college, major in French and minor in Latin. He is very good at both. So good, in fact, that he taught in France after finishing his studies. When he returned to the US he was hired this past summer for a project that required his skills in French to translate some academic texts.

After he finished this assignment, it became clear that he never lost sight of the feeling that he was being called to the priesthood. He surprised his mother when he told her that he was going to visit the Institute of Christ the King to see if that might be the place for him to study and then attend their seminary.

As is the case with many who are called to the priesthood, satan usually attacks their decision to become a priest or else erects roadblocks (stumbling blocks) to their Godly vocations. A few notables come to mind such as the Venerable Solanus Casey and Saint John Vianney, the Cure of Ars, to name but a few. This is what just occurred to my young friend who had been accepted to their pre-seminary training and then dismissed. The reason for this is unknown at this time although I believe that it is because he revealed that he had been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as a child, although he seemed to be getting well adjusted to the routine and was sailing through the courses presented without any problems at all. The person responsible for the dismissal was the one that was informed of his condition. My suspicion, as is his mother’s to his release from the program, had to do with this fact and not to how he performed or his abilities to become a good and faithful priest which our Church is so desperate for during this present Crisis of faith that we see throughout the world in Catholicism, Christian ethics and morality.

I am thinking that this may be a test and that satan has dealt him a blow which, due to his condition, will be harder than it would be to most young men. I plan on meeting him tonight for dinner, God willing, if that becomes possible. I want to inform him of the FSSP to let him know that there are other Traditional Latin Mass Societies available.

But the thing I think he needs at this point more than anything else, is our prayer, our novenas, our rosaries and our support for this young man of exceptional holiness and faith. I pray that God will put him to work in His Vineyard. God knows we need all the willing laborers we can find at the moment. So please pour your hearts out to God for this young man, Daniel and keep him in your prayers. I thank you in advance for those willing to do this.

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The Remnant Newspaper – Last Words of Cardinal Caffara

When we lost Cardinal Carlo Caffarra on September 6, 2017, we gained–it is to be securely hoped–an advocate in Heaven.  His Eminence was well known as one of the “Dubia Cardinals,” or four papal advisors who presented Pope Francis with five concisely-worded queries which, if answered unequivocally and in accordance with Tradition, would put a virtual halt to the moral maelstrom in which the universal Church is presently being engulfed.  For over a calendar year now, the world has been waiting in vain for a response from the pontiff who approaches all difficulties (or so he ceaselessly proclaims) through “dialogue, dialogue, dialogue.”[1] Cardinal Caffarra has now followed Joachim Cardinal Meisner, requiescant in pace, in completing his earthly pilgrimage before being received by His Holiness in response to their earnest request.

According to the indefatigable Maike Hickson of OnePeterFive, Cardinal Caffarra cherished no illusions about the Dubia Cardinals’ prospects.[2]  “The situation becomes (sic) from bad to worse,” he told that journalist, who was also his personal friend.  “As everybody knows, the Holy Father has not even granted an audience!  It remains only prayers to Holy Virgin of Fatima.”  With the one hundredth anniversary of the culmination of the Portuguese apparitions–and the providentially connected founding of Father Maximilian’s Militia Immaculatae movement–approaching quickly in the middle of October 2017, we find ourselves required most urgently by the Almighty to entrust everything, as Cardinal Caffarra recommends, into the Blessed Mother’s immaculate hands.  But we must not overlook the fact that His Eminence chose to focus our attention in a decidedly literary direction as well.

The Ballad of the White Horse by G. K. Chesterton[3] tells the story of King Alfred the Great of England, who withstood the invading Danes during the societal and religious perils of the ninth century.  By genre an epic poem, the Ballad–as aptly characterized by Cardinal Caffarra– is a “great poetic meditation on an historical fact.”  While mixing in literary allusion, philosophical precision, and sheer imaginative insight as only a genius such as Chesterton might be able to accomplish, our Ballad author nevertheless presents us with a protagonist who factually existed.  As the “last man standing” in his besieged little kingdom in the south of Great Britain, the historical Alfred did lead a military force to unexpected victory in the existentially and religiously decisive Battle of Ethandune (anno domini 878).  “Alfred has come down to us in the best way (that is by national legends),” explains Chesterton himself in his Prefatory Note, “solely for the same reason as Arthur and Roland and the other giants of that darkness, because he fought for the Christian civilization against the heathen darkness.”  By calling the Ballad to our attention during the Dubia crisis of our own day, Cardinal Caffarra is telling us something crucial not only about the forces we are being called upon to fight, but also about the way in which it will imminently become necessary to fight them.

The Ballad starts out, significantly enough, with despair.  At the moment we first meet our hero, Alfred is at his worst, and with good cause.  His enemies the Danes have overtaken pretty much everything except the little kingdom where Alfred, styled as the new Arthur, still reigns, and are threatening to overrun it as well.  Already, Alfred has engaged the pagan destroyers militarily, and lost; he has bargained with them economically, and been betrayed; he has done all that lies within his power, but to no avail.  Having reached the limit of his strength and resources, Alfred retreats to the isle of Athelney, where Chesterton describes him as “broken to the knee.”  It is then and there that the protagonist of theBallad is visited by the Virgin Mary, with whom he converses after all merely earthly forms of encounter have exhausted themselves in capitulation and defeat.

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Shocking! 84% of Catholics Reject that Satan is a Person and Hell Exists

The Church is Ready to Capsize!

By Fr. Daniel Doctor,

The Roman Catholic Church, that is the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church is the Bride of Jesus Christ.  This Church was established by Christ Himself to be the sole means of salvation for
all of humanity. As Catholics, we know of no other way to salvation except through the sacramental system established by Christ and given to His Apostles.

Why is the Catholic Church in Near Chaos and Confusion?

Careful analysis of recent studies and polls taken among Catholics reveals that an overwhelming majority of U.S. Catholics simply do not believe in the Devil, or sin, or it’s logical consequences – eternal damnation in hell.  As we can see, with any kind of an reasonable observation of that the outcome, is that the Church is in a state of near chaos and confusion over what She teaches and what She does not teach.  The overriding reason for this is because bishops, the clergy, teachers and parents, have completely failed in their duties to transmit the Faith to each of the successive past four generations.  And there are huge consequences for this failure.

Pray for Our Church

A lack of a belief in the Devil, sin, or hell makes it very awkward for all of us during the Easter Liturgy, when it comes to the renewing of baptismal promises.  When the priest asks the people, “Do you reject Satan?” . . .  “Who Father? We don’t believe in him anymore.  Silly priest, asking us such stupid questions . . . believing in such archaic things . . . .”

What most of us were nottaught – is that the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith is an integrated belief system, where one teaching is dependent on every other teaching, creating a whole and concise theology.  Rejection of the Devil as a personal evil, or sin, or even hell, does incredible theological damage to the whole of the Catholic Faith. In fact, like any teaching we like to change, reinterpret, or ignore, the entire faith is undermined and in some cases can even be destroyed.

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Cardinal Burke: ‘The apostasy of faith in our time rightly and profoundly frightens us’

DEVON, England, October 13, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — The crisis in the world 100 years ago when Our Lady appeared at Fatima continues today and has also infected the life of the Church, Cardinal Raymond Burke said yesterday.

Addressing a Fatima conference in England coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the final apparition, Cardinal Burke said the faithful should be realistic about the great evils besetting the world and the Church, but be full of hope in the victory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary

“The reality of the apostasy of faith in our time rightly and profoundly frightens us,” he stated. “Our love of Christ and of His mystical Body the Church makes clear to us the gravity of the evil which seeks to rob us of our eternal salvation in Christ.”

“But let us not give way to discouragement,” he said. “But rather remember that the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary assumed into glory never ceases to beat with love for us, the children whom her divine son gave to her as he was He was dying upon the cross.”

One of the four cardinals who submitted the dubia asking Pope Francis for moral clarity on Amoris Laetitia, Cardinal Burke gave the keynote address for the conference Fatima 100 years Later – A Marian Call for the Whole Church held at Buckfast Abbey.

His talk drew parallels between the rampant confusion and “drawing back” from the faith today in the Church with times past.

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Trump pulls U.S. out of pro-abortion, pro-LGBT UN agency

October 12, 2017 (LifeSiteNews)

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Fatima’s October 13 Apparition: More Than Meets the Eye

A crowd watches the ‘Miracle of the Sun’ during the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima on October 13, 1917. (Illustração Portuguesa)
A crowd watches the ‘Miracle of the Sun’ during the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima on October 13, 1917. (Illustração Portuguesa)
OCT. 13, 2017
The 100th Anniversary of Fatima on Oct. 13 highlights must-know-and-do messages behind the Miracle.

We’ve heard much about the Miracle of the Sun, thanks be to God, that startled 70,000-plus people at the Cova da Iria 100 years ago on Oct. 13.

Instead of repeating basic details of the Miracle that Our Lady had promised in July saying, in October I will tell you who I am and what I want. I will then perform a miracle so that all may believe, and in August repeated, In the last month I will perform a miracle so that all may believe, and again in September reminded, In October I will perform a miracle so that all may believe, let’s look at what some eyewitnesses to the miracle said, and importantly, some basics of what Lucia described about that day and later emphasized were major instructions from Our Lady for all of us.


Our Lady’s Revelations

That day, when Lucia asked what Our Lady requested, she first answered, I want a chapel built here in my honor.

Then Our Lady followed with her constant monthly instruction, I want you to continue saying the Rosary every day.

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You don’t want to miss the boat

Don’t forget Christ’s promise and likewise don’t forget that Our Lady of Fatima said that Her Immaculate Heart would overcome. Get on the Barque of Peter and stay on it though it seems that the whole world is drowning in a flood of sin and death. I guess the dinosaur’s missed the boat. You never know the day or the hour when your life may also be required.

Things used to be so easy to understand before the Father of All Lies confused us

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